In the All European VA you can fly with 50 airlines. From passengers to cargo everything you can fly around the world with us

The All European VA is compatible to the following simulator platforms:
FS9, FSX, P3D v1-5, XPlane and FS2020

About All European VA

The All European VA was founded on February 1st, 2018. We are a group of dedicated flight sim enthusiast and our goal is it to offer you the best virtual-airline-experience possible. We attach great importance to community. In our virtual airline, we welcome both: Beginners and flightsim veterans with several decades of experience in flight simulation and aim to achieve the best solution for your individual level and flying-skills. We offer you a wide range of operations, from scheduled passenger flights to charters, cargo operations and even unique tours, challenges and group flights. You can choose to fly one of more than 50 real-world scheduled routes or create your own charter route with both passenger and cargo airlines.

We would like to inform you that the founder of the All European VA passed away on 27.07.2021. We will continue the VA in his spirit and hope for your support. Rest in peace and thank you for all.

Concept of All European VA

We have decided to limit the amount of active pilots in our virtual airline. Currently we offer 100 pilots the possibilty to fly in our airline. We strongly emphazise that we are a active community of pilots and our goal is to map real airline everyday operations as precisely as possible. Nevertheless we also offer space in our airline for beginners and pilots who do not value realism. Our airline not only includes the largest and best-known airlines from Europe but also a selection of the most common and most popular airlines from around the globe.

We are looking forward to your registration in our virtual airline and keep in mind that the space is limited - be sure to take your seat in the front row now!

Systems of All European VA

What makes us unique at the All European VA is our distinctive maintenance facility. Every flight you conduct at the All European VA will be carried out with one of your own aircraft of your own fleet. That’s correct - at the All European VA you have your own fleet. You can manage and edit your fleet via our fleet manager. With every use, your aircraft will wear and tear. If it reaches a status of 85% it will go directly into maintenance. The duration of the maintenance depends on the state of your aircraft. Typically it takes between 12 - 24 hours. During the maintenance time you cannot fly this particular aircraft. To better schedule your maintenance time you can choose to send your aircraft into maintenance if it reaches a state of 90% or below. At the VA we have a complete income and expenses simulation regarding fuel costs, environmental cost, groundhandling costs, crew costs. Passenger ticket and cargo income and a growing economy simulation.


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